Christian Bovine

Christian is the son of Peter Bovine and grandson of Jerry Bovine born and raised in the gorgeous mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He use to do accounting for PWC and just graduated from NYU in a program referred to as ITP. He made bunch of stuff and now is gonna make more stuff.

Brady Bunch PhotoBooth

Using an idea my friend Rob had to use processing to recreate the opening sequence to the Brady Bunch by recording a few seconds of you looking around then placing them in the appropriate squares. I collaborated with Ben Chao who is currently in LA who helped write the code.

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| July 31st, 2008

Average Athlete vs Olympic Athlete

Dennis Crowley and I spent all day doing 5 different Olympic Events: 100m freestyle, 100m dash, 110m hurdles, long jump and the rings (in gymnastics) and compared ourselves to Olympic athletes. This was to see just how amazing these athletes are in comparison to average Joes and as an excuse to do Olympic events all day. Since we only had one day to do all five events, with the famous Robert Moon video taping us and edit all the footage together it could have been done a bit better but we are happy with the outcome.

(Previously, I made some grammatical errors, thank so much for bringing them to my attention. The 24 hour time constraint, along with 5 Olympic Events then editing it all together seemed to effect my writing skills.)

100 meter Freestyle:
Christian’s Time = 1:18:10
Dennis = DQ for touching bottom of pool, thats illegal
But his time was: 1:56:30
Olympic Winner = 47:52

Long Jump
Christian = 14.1 Feet (4.3 meters)
Dennis = 13.7 Feet (4.17 meters)
Olympian = 8.95 meters


Bonus Footage

38 comments | July 31st, 2008


day 1 – make t-shirt design / learn to use a sewing machine

I decided to do a t-shirt design / learn to use a sewing machine on Day 1. Here are the materials I used:

The material I used for the front was a nylon belt which was quite difficult to work with. I cut long strips and sewed them on but the strips would fray on the edges. So i had to burn the edges to melt the nylon in order to keep them from fraying. The strips were also a bit difficult to sew using the sewing machine, but it is definitely easier than doing it by hand.

I then came up with an idea to have a sock sewed to the back of the shirt which appears as though it is stuck there because of static. This as we all know can happen coming out of the dryer. I thought it would be funny if it was sewed on for people to think you left the house and this sock has stayed stuck to you all day. So thats what I did:

The day was reasonably productive. I like the sock on the back more than the front of the shirt. I might just make a few shirts with random things stuck to the back in a similar fashion. I think its funny!

2 comments | July 29th, 2008

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