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So Stella Kim and I had talked about working on this as a midterm during the upcoming semester. Just this morning, I figured why not try it today.

RootPoops gives you all the encouragement you’ll need while using the toilet. We could all use someone cheering us on!

In one day, I aimed to get a number set up where caring people could cheer on their fellow bathroom users. Those words would then be posted to a site (eventually rootpoops.com) where the person in need can go and find that extra little push!

It’s 7:13. I’ve done a ton of looking at Asterisk today (for the first time!). Here’s what we’ve got:

1. 212-796-0729 x181

2. Leave your message

3. Check out andreadulko.com/rootpoops

4. YAY!

OK, OK… maybe not yay. There’s a small issue. Asterisk is sending email with each voicemail attached. The attachments are failing to post to the site when they come from the Asterisk email. What does that mean? Well, If I forward the email, it works. hmmmm. I’ll report back later. But feel free to leave a message now!

July 29th, 2008

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