Andrea Dulko

Andrea (that’s me) is very excited to be entering her second year at ITP. She has a background in advertising and is currently working as a web designer for saks.com. Over the past year, she’s developed a love for PHP and mobile processing and plans to focus on those areas. To help you solidify your opinion of Andrea, here are a few interests in a somewhat-particular order: swimming, blading, hockey, trail mix, X-Files, fries.



The Ultimate Personality Test, Click Hanger, Is Here!

Do you want Humphrey to succeed, or would you rather see him plummet. It’s up to you. With Click Hangers everyone works together to feed the hiker trail-mix from the blue square. To do this simply click once for each nut or raisin you’d like to feed him. Check his progress my clicking the corresponding button, but don’t click avalanche or you’ll ruin it for everyone!

Click Hanger!

In a previous post, I described how this idea stemmed from a desire to make people aware of how many times they click their mouse each day. Invisibly tracking mouse events on a Mac proved more difficult than anticipated. As an alternative, Josh and I used a embedded Processing app to simulate the effect in a localized area.

For each click, Processing sends a “1” to grab.php:

grab.php inserts the 1’s into the click_hanger table.

Another file, read.php, takes the SUM of clicks and displays the hiker position accordingly.

Check out what Joshua has to say.

That’s all! Thanks.

3 comments | August 1st, 2008

Click Hanger

Josh and I are paying tribute to everyone’s second-favorite (after Plinko) Price Is Right game. Mouse clicks/moves are nearly unconscious. Once you become aware, it’s quite maddening (sorry to do that to ya). Going with this, we’ve decided to count the number of mouse clicks made per day and have them correspond with our own little online Cliff Hanger’s upward progress. I’ve fond that there’s a lot more documentation on click recording for PC so hopefully we’ll be able to work something out and have him climbing by EOD. Your friends will be so impressed when they check the site and see how far you’ve clicked! STAY TUNED!

| July 31st, 2008


Go hands-free! Great for travel. Enjoy all the benefits of the Hip Pack without taking attention away from you fab outfit.

1 comment | July 30th, 2008

Rootpoops 1.0 (again)

OK. I couldn’t let this go. Thanks to all who contributed (tried to) yesterday. Unfortunately, I was forced to take a different technical approach and, in frustration, made some hasty deletions. BUT!! We’re up and running, so please leave your cheers for people trying to use the toilet by calling 212.796.0729 ext 181.

Here’s what my extensions.conf file looks like:

The ${UNIQUEID} variable allows each message to be save with an individual name.

I have another file in the same directory (public_html/sounds/) of the itp asterisk server as the folder where the messages are being saved:

Thats pretty much it. The above links.php file lists all of the saved messages on a site. Seems simple, but man did this take me a while to figure out (permissions,etc)! I’ll go into what didn’t work some other time. But until then, don’t for get to make a call!!

OH YEA! Check out the results at andreadulko.com/rootpoops


| July 30th, 2008

RootPoops 1.0


So Stella Kim and I had talked about working on this as a midterm during the upcoming semester. Just this morning, I figured why not try it today.

RootPoops gives you all the encouragement you’ll need while using the toilet. We could all use someone cheering us on!

In one day, I aimed to get a number set up where caring people could cheer on their fellow bathroom users. Those words would then be posted to a site (eventually rootpoops.com) where the person in need can go and find that extra little push!

It’s 7:13. I’ve done a ton of looking at Asterisk today (for the first time!). Here’s what we’ve got:

1. 212-796-0729 x181

2. Leave your message

3. Check out andreadulko.com/rootpoops

4. YAY!

OK, OK… maybe not yay. There’s a small issue. Asterisk is sending email with each voicemail attached. The attachments are failing to post to the site when they come from the Asterisk email. What does that mean? Well, If I forward the email, it works. hmmmm. I’ll report back later. But feel free to leave a message now!

| July 29th, 2008

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