Robot Chef Show

Today Anderson Miller and I took on the task of creating a cooking show based on recipes created by Robot Chef. Robot Chef is a program that Andy wrote in our Programming A to Z class which read all the recipes from three recipe web sites. The program then computes the probablity of ingedients to appear together in recipes. For example it will look at all the recipes and then see how many times for avocados and limes appear together, and then calculate a percentage based on the total number of times that avocados appear that limes appear with them. Robot Chef uses this data to generate recipes. Sometimes the recipes are absolutley disgusting sounding…venison and sugar anyone? Sometimes the results are suprisingly good. On the final day of A to Z Andy brought in some Tequila cake and it was actually pretty great.

For today’s project we made a cooking show with one of the Robot Chef recipes which we called Cashew Suprise Cake. Enjoy.

Robot Chef Cooking Show from Anderson Miller on Vimeo.

August 1st, 2008

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