The Ultimate Personality Test, Click Hanger, Is Here!

Do you want Humphrey to succeed, or would you rather see him plummet. It’s up to you. With Click Hangers everyone works together to feed the hiker trail-mix from the blue square. To do this simply click once for each nut or raisin you’d like to feed him. Check his progress my clicking the corresponding button, but don’t click avalanche or you’ll ruin it for everyone!

Click Hanger!

In a previous post, I described how this idea stemmed from a desire to make people aware of how many times they click their mouse each day. Invisibly tracking mouse events on a Mac proved more difficult than anticipated. As an alternative, Josh and I used a embedded Processing app to simulate the effect in a localized area.

For each click, Processing sends a “1” to grab.php:

grab.php inserts the 1’s into the click_hanger table.

Another file, read.php, takes the SUM of clicks and displays the hiker position accordingly.

Check out what Joshua has to say.

That’s all! Thanks.

August 1st, 2008


  • 1. 5-in-5.com » Click &hellip  |  August 1st, 2008 at 4:02 am

    […] Andrea and I built a little game based the Price is Right’s Cliff Hanger. The original intent was to pay homage to the absurd amount of mouse clicks we all must make in a single day by sending the ol’ mountain climber up the hill. I spent much of day 3 researching open source options for logging mouse clicks from Windows. Since every option I found was written in C, I began what I soon discovered was the daunting task of installing C compilers and debuggers without any knowledge whatsoever of C. There was some problem with the debugger installation that I could not overcome in one day, and my code would not compile, so we decided to drop that piece of the project for the time being and simulate it with a Processing application. The processing application stores into mySQL a value every time the mouse is clicked. […]

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