Kristin O’Friel

Kristin O’Friel was born in Hawaii and currently resides in New York City where she is a Masters Candidate at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU. Kristin loves to make things.



playing with cardboard

today i made a flexible surface out of cardboard tubing.

and a recursive tree made out of recycled cardboard – i couldn’t help myself

more 5-in-5 photos on flickr

2 comments | August 1st, 2008

crocheted plastic bag skirt

the waste of the skirt is crocheted out of recycled plastic grocery bag strips and the skirt length out of inflated plastic bags.

more 5-in-5 photos on flickr

1 comment | August 1st, 2008

name that molecule

i made a tote bag out of waterproof canvas that consists of a conveniently located periodic table printed on one side, and a game called ‘name that molecule’ on the other.


i sketched out a quick pattern in rhino and exported to AI to lasercut a prototype in butcher paper

once the pattern was validated i selected a handful of molecular images and found a beautiful periodic table to use

the AI pattern was then imported into Pshop for layout

and printed on waterproof canvas

the material was then doubled over and cut out.

the doubled canvas was a little cumbersome to sew, but it provided stability and functioned perfectly as interior lining to the bag.

more 5-in-5 photos on flick

2 comments | July 30th, 2008


pinwheel was designed to eliminate the languor and indecision that occurs when you eat in a four block radius everyday.

restaurant list: mamoun’s, temple, cafetasia, pizza mercado, san loco, chipotle, red bamboo, little atlas, sunrise mart, rick shaw

parts modeled in rhino and exported as AI files to be lasercut

plywood pieces: 2 x interior wall, 20 x slice, 10 x side (all 1/8″)
acrylic pieces: 1 x white (1/8″), 1 x clear (1/2″), center pin
lasercut and etched slices ready to be assembled

reinforced back wall || paper secured || plastic post

spinning mechanism from the junk shelf || center piece || pinwheel face complete

here is a short video of the pinwheel spinning – now i just need a place to mount it.

more 5-in-5 photos on flickr

4 comments | July 29th, 2008

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