Rootpoops 1.0 (again)

OK. I couldn’t let this go. Thanks to all who contributed (tried to) yesterday. Unfortunately, I was forced to take a different technical approach and, in frustration, made some hasty deletions. BUT!! We’re up and running, so please leave your cheers for people trying to use the toilet by calling 212.796.0729 ext 181.

Here’s what my extensions.conf file looks like:

The ${UNIQUEID} variable allows each message to be save with an individual name.

I have another file in the same directory (public_html/sounds/) of the itp asterisk server as the folder where the messages are being saved:

Thats pretty much it. The above links.php file lists all of the saved messages on a site. Seems simple, but man did this take me a while to figure out (permissions,etc)! I’ll go into what didn’t work some other time. But until then, don’t for get to make a call!!

OH YEA! Check out the results at andreadulko.com/rootpoops


July 30th, 2008

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